Since August 2008 the Free Gaza Movement has successfully made several trips to Gaza, breaking through the Israeli siege and delivering human rights observers and humanitarian supplies. We intend to keep challenging the blockade until it is forever ended, and Palestine has free access to the rest of the world. There are several ways that you can help us succeed!

Donate to Free Gaza
One way to help is to donate to Free Gaza. Your support helps keep us afloat. Contribute to our important mission by following the information on our DONATE page. Every donation goes toward sending the boats to Gaza. We welcome supporters organising fundraisers for Free Gaza - at socials, dinners, and other sponsored events. As well as raising money this also helps us to publicise our campaign.

Volunteer with Free Gaza
The Free Gaza Movement has volunteers all across the world, available for media interviews and local coordination. In order to expand outreach, help spread information about our efforts, and get as many people as possible involved within their localities, the Free Gaza Movement encourages the establishment of local FG affiliates everywhere in the world. If you're interested in volunteering for Free Gaza or in starting a Free Gaza affiliate in your area, please review our Points of Unity and Affiliate Guidelines. If you agree with both policies, then please contact one of our international coordinators for more information, or email us at volunteer[at]

Media & PR Assistance
Another way to help is to join our media/PR list and spread the word to others. This may be the most vital work for the whole project, and if you would like to be involved in it please do get in touch by contacting us at friends [at] Even one person can get a great amount of information out on the web, talk-radio, or in your local papers.

You might also include a link to our website in your email signature, or download our logos and provide a link to our website. And you can help print and distribute our flyers in your locality. Our new flier announcing our flotilla is available and can be distributed to local events or sent out to your contacts.

download our flyers & logos!

Come Aboard
Some of you might want to join us on the flotilla this summer or other voyages that we will be planning. However, if you have the option of entering Palestine through the Israeli-controlled land or air borders, to do voluntary work there instead, we would ask you to consider going this route first. Israel's policy of denying entry to known human rights workers and international volunteers may meaen you will find it difficult to enter occupied Palestine in the future. Please see "Volunteer in Palestine" below for groups you can contact to work with.

If you have already been refused entry and you think you might have skills we need on board or in Gaza, please get in touch to enquire about places. Relevant experience and references will be vital. There may also be options for joining a future ship - let us know if you're interested by filling out our passenger application form.

Monitor our Voyages
As with anything happening in Palestine, the safety of participants in the project will depend on the eyes of the international world being on us. Please sign up to receive our email reports as we go, which you can then broadcast widely to your own contacts.

We would love to have these happen during Break the Siege. Contact your local Palestine solidarity/peace/human rights group to suggest one, or organise your own, invite your friends, press release it, and post your own coverage on the web (find sites you can post actions to all round the world at indymedia). You might find the following site useful for action planning, too–

Contact Congress/Parliament/United Nations

You can kick up a fuss about your country's treatment of Palestine, act to support your Senators, Congressperson, or Members of Parliament who are raising the issue in the government, and lobby your own Senators, Congressional representative, MP or MEP.

In the US, visit to find your senators and to find your representative and their contact details.

In the UK, visit to find your representatives (at all levels) and their contact details.

Visit or to see what legislation there has been and how your US Senators/Congressperson voted in relation to Palestine. At this point there is no legislation in the 110th Congress for Palestine or Gaza.

Some toll-free Capitol switchboard phone numbers are: 800-828-0498, 800-459-1887, 877-762-8762

Visit and to see what your MP has said and done in relation to Palestine.

Visit the UN Human Rights Council website (see, the Office Of The High Commissioner For Human Rights website (see, and contact Navanethem Pillay, High Commissioner For Human Rights, and others at the Office Of The High Commissioner For Human Rights (see

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