Stories from Gazans

Saturday 27th December, 2008. On this day , a new stage of the Palestinian suffering started….. 

At exactly 11:30 am, children were coming back to their houses from schools and the other still in their way, people were walking in the streets and I was going to my university (IUG) in order to discuss a project with my instructor……

At Al-Quds  building\'s entrance for students, when I was going to discuss my project I heard an explosion! , it is air shake by planes ! I followed my way , another explosion occurred …. Oh clouds of black smoke!!! It is Israeli shelling !!! teachers, students and me ran like hell outside the university, at the school\'s gate, we look surprised!! We were in the bombing circle , we couldn’t move right or left, no place is safe at the area , the clouds of smoke covered the sun, it was very hard to  see my colleagues, the airstrikes targeted at several  sites surrounding the university. While children , women and students were walking beside the sites, at this moment, I saw the shock on students faces,  horror and perplexity everywhere. We decided to leave the place in any way, we (me and my colleagues)  stopped a cab to escape quickly to Al-Nusirate camp where we live, it is safe place… as we think!!!

At the costal road, I saw clouds of smoke in the east, too. After seventeen  minutes I arrived my house. I thought that my camp is safe and sound, No, NO SAFE IN GAZA!!!. My niece was crying. She is five years old and her sister is nine months crying too , painful ….. They destroyed police sites in my camp , all  at the same time , from the north to the south of Gaza strip.

Now, at the fifth day of this slaughter we lost hundreds of our people, friends , children and even PEACE…

At these days, every second was as many years of suffering, many scenes exploded tears and blood from my soul……

A Little girl rise between havoc, \'\'While my sisters were sleeping with me, I lost them…\'\' she said. Her five sisters killed, I do not know why they kill our innocent children ?!!

Two little brothers were burned in their room!!! when the Israeli fighters destroyed a mosque beside their house….

My university has been shelling, less than one month for my graduation , can you imagine that……

Many scenes of blood , but who care about those innocent people?, about those children?, just the people, but their governments did not look at Palestinian people….

My niece \'\'Haya\'\' asking me , \'\'why they want kill me my uncle? When we will die?....\'\'  Who can answer?!!!

I wrote these  words about these many years because I could not be at my computer room for long time, it is not safe , just I wanted to tell everybody that Palestinian are peaceful people, we want to live like other people, and all the world must know whose killing children and women, majority of our children will never forget what is happening , but the rest will die before remembering this slaughter…… 

Eng. Hamza El-Tawil

Chairman of Global Help Initiative for Palestine \'\'HI\'\'

Al-Nusirate refugees camp - Gaza strip - Palestine

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