The following guidelines are intended to encourage communication and strong cooperation between affiliate groups and the international Free Gaza Movement, as well as to address some of the main issues that may present themselves when establishing affiliate groups.
  • A local affiliate may be a formal, registered organization, or an informal group of local activists committed to the principles of the FG Movement and agreeing to abide by FG affiliate guidelines;
  • The primary work of any local affiliate is to support FG internationally;
  • FG affiliates must agree to Free Gaza's Mission Statement and Points of Unity;
  • FG affiliates and/or their individual members may not make statements on behalf of the (international) Free Gaza Movement;
  • Local affiliates may not use the name FREE GAZA MOVEMENT or any modification of thereof, unless that modification is used to indicate local affiliation. For example, “Original Free Gaza Movement” is not allowed, but “Free Gaza Movement – Geneva” is allowed;
  • The names, contact information, and roles of all steering committee/board members for an affiliate must be shared with the larger FG international group;
  • Local steering committee members should join the GazaFriends and Future newsletter lists to receive updates on FG activities (these are low traffic, newsletter lists, with 4-5 emails a week at most);
  • Local steering committee members are also strongly encouraged to participate on at least one FG working email group;
  • All fundraising within your own country must be fully disclosed to the the larger FG international group;
  • Prior to fundraising outside of your own country, you must send a request/announcement to the FG fundraising coordinator (currently Fathi Jaouadi, fathi [at], and inform any local affiliates or representatives in the country you intend to visit;
  • Affiliates may keep up to 20% off all funds raised outside of their own country for their use locally, as their needs may be; the rest should be for the use of the international FG Movement;
  • Funds collected outside of an affiliate's own country shall be directed/deposited into the international FG Movement account. International FG will then transfer up to 20% of those funds to the local affiliate;
  • All salaries and/or stipends paid by an affiliate must be fully disclosed.

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