"Measuring only 360 square kilometres in area, the Gaza Strip has a population of over one million Palestinians, of whom 750,000 are registered refugees. Over 40 percent of the population, or 55 percent of the registered refugee population, live in eight densely crowded refugee camps. While only a sixth the size of the West Bank in terms of area, the Gaza Strip is home to approximately 41 percent of the combined population. Socio-economic conditions are adverse. Inadequate infrastructure, high population density, a slender resource base, and the effects of over 27 years of occupation have turned the Gaza Strip into a congested urban area. It is characterized by poverty, poor environmental health conditions, low per capita income, few formal employment opportunities, and extremely limited participation by women in the labour force among other things, have contributed to lack of enjoyment of basic cultural, social, economic and civil rights, and a lack of awareness of these rights." - Al-Dameer Association for Human Rights Gaza

- Info on current Gaza status (Btselem.org)
- More info on current Gaza status (Al Mezan Center for Human Rights)

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Since 2000, the Israeli authorities have denied entry to the Occupied Palestinian Territories to hundreds of international citizens who intend to work with grassroots organizations such as the International Solidarity Movement, Christian Peacemaker Teams, the International Women’s Peace Service, and many other NGOs that provide humanitarian assistance to the occupied civilian population. - Access For Peace in the Middle East

Rafah Home Demolitions, 2004  (Click here for large image)


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